Google Play Store Categories

You can download the full JSON list of supported Google Play Store Categories:

The following values are valid for the category search parameter in Google Play Store engine.


You can download the full JSON list of supported Google Play Store Apps Categories:

Category ID Category Description
ART_AND_DESIGN Art & Design Apps
AUTO_AND_VEHICLES Auto & Vehicles Apps
ANDROID_WEAR Android Wear Apps
BEAUTY Beauty Apps
BOOKS_AND_REFERENCE Books & Reference Apps
BUSINESS Business Apps
COMICS Comics Apps
COMMUNICATION Communication Apps
DATING Dating Apps
EDUCATION Education Apps
ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment Apps
EVENTS Events Apps
FINANCE Finance Apps
FOOD_AND_DRINK Food & Drink Apps
HEALTH_AND_FITNESS Health & Fitness Apps
HOUSE_AND_HOME House & Home Apps
LIBRARIES_AND_DEMO Libraries & Demo Apps
LIFESTYLE Lifestyle Apps
MAPS_AND_NAVIGATION Maps & Navigation Apps
MEDICAL Medical Apps
MUSIC_AND_AUDIO Music & Audio Apps
NEWS_AND_MAGAZINES News & Magazines Apps
PARENTING Parenting Apps
PERSONALIZATION Personalization Apps
PHOTOGRAPHY Photography Apps
PRODUCTIVITY Productivity Apps
SHOPPING Shopping Apps
SOCIAL Social Apps
SPORTS Sports Apps
TOOLS Tools Apps
TRAVEL_AND_LOCAL Travel & Local Apps
VIDEO_PLAYERS Video Players & Editors Apps
WATCH_FACE Watch Face Apps
WEATHER Weather Apps
GAME Games
GAME_ACTION Action Games
GAME_ADVENTURE Adventure Games
GAME_ARCADE Arcade Games
GAME_BOARD Board Games
GAME_CARD Card Games
GAME_CASINO Casino Games
GAME_CASUAL Casual Games
GAME_EDUCATIONAL Educational Games
GAME_MUSIC Music Games
GAME_PUZZLE Puzzle Games
GAME_RACING Racing Games
GAME_ROLE_PLAYING Role Playing Games
GAME_SIMULATION Simulation Games
GAME_SPORTS Sports Games
GAME_STRATEGY Strategy Games
GAME_TRIVIA Trivia Games
GAME_WORD Word Games
FAMILY Kids Games


You can download the full JSON list of supported Google Play Store Books Categories:

Category ID Category Description
coll_1204 Arts & entertainment Books
coll_1665 Biographies & memoirs Books
coll_1668 Books in Spanish Books
coll_1205 Business & money Books
coll_1207 Computers & technology Books
coll_1208 Cookbooks, food & wine Books
coll_1670 Education Books
coll_1261 Engineering Books
coll_1200 Fiction & literature Books
coll_1605 Health, mind & body Books
coll_1209 History Books
coll_1211 Home & garden Books
coll_1667 Law Books
coll_1669 Medicine Books
coll_1615 Mystery & thrillers Books
coll_1214 Pareting & families Books
coll_1215 Politics & current events Books
coll_1217 Religion & spirituality Books
coll_1218 Romance Books
coll_1671 Science & math Books
coll_1604 Science fiction & fantasy Books
coll_1222 Sports Books
coll_1673 Textbooks Books
coll_1224 Travel Books
coll_1672 Young adult Books
audiobooks Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1665 Arts & entertainment Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1204 Biographies & memoirs Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1205 Business & investing Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1689 Children's audiobooks Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1200 Fiction & literature Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1605 Health, mind & body Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1209 History Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1676 Language instruction Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1615 Mystery & thrillers Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1217 Religion & spirituality Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1716 Romance Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1219 Science & technology Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1604 Science fiction & fantasy Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1545 Self-help Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1222 Sports Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1224 Travel Audiobooks
audiobooks_coll_1672 Young adult Audiobooks
coll_1401 Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.General General Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Crime___Mystery Crime & mystery Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Fantasy Fantasy Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Horror Horror Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Literary Literary Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Manga Manga Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Media_Tie-in Media tie-in Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Science_Fiction Science fiction Comics
subj_Comics___Graphic_Novels.Superheroes Superheroes Comics
coll_1689 Children's books
coll_1690 Action & adventure Children Books
coll_1691 Animals & nature Children Books
coll_1693 Comics Children Books
coll_1692 Early learning Children Books
coll_1694 Education Children Books
coll_1696 Fiction Children Books
coll_1698 Growing up Children Books
coll_1699 History & biographies Children Books
coll_1702 Mysteries Children Books
coll_1704 Science fiction & fantasy Children Books
coll_1705 Sports Children Books


You can download the full JSON list of supported Google Play Store Books Categories:

Category ID Category Description
1 Action & Adventure Movies
2 Animation Movies
3 Classics Movies
4 Comedy Movies
5 Crime Movies
6 Drama Movies
7 Documentary Movies
8 Family Movies
9 World cinema Movies
10 Horror Movies
11 Mystery & suspense Movies
12 Romance Movies
13 Sci-fi & fantasy Movies
15 Sports Movies
18 Indian cinema Movies
25 Music Movies
26 Short films Movies
27 Independent Movies
36 Thriller Movies
40 Anime Movies
TV Series
1001 Action & adventure TV
1002 Animation TV
1004 Comedy TV
1005 Drama TV
1008 Reality & game shows TV
1013 Sports TV
1017 Documentary TV
1025 Health & fitness TV
1026 Learning & education TV
1029 Family TV
1030 Anime TV
2001 Action & adventure Family
2002 Animation Family
2003 Classics Family
2004 Comedy Family
2005 Music Family
2006 Sci-fi & fantasy Family
2007 Education Family
3001 TV Family