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August 2023 Update

The past month has been another period of high productivity for our team, with considerable upgrades predominantly made to our Google engines. Keep an eye out for more refinements as we persist in adapting and broadening our services in response to your valuable feedback and requirements.

🆕 New Features Released

✔️ Released Google Jobs engine
✔️ Released Google Videos engine
✔️ Released Google Images engine
✔️ Released Google Shopping engine
✔️ Released Google Product engine

⚡ Performance & DevOps

• Improved parsing time up to 4x
• Improved performance for all queries utilizing location geo-targeting. We are able to achieve geo-targetting consistently in 10ms-20ms (took up to 1s previously).
• Integrated CDN with 450+ Points of Presence and 13 regional edge caches in 90+ cities across 49 countries
• Zero-Downtime deployment (Blue-green)
• Integrated Continous Delivery process into our team workflow
• Upgraded infrastructure components to the newest versions available.
• Integrated NewRelic & connected to AWS for enhanced performance monitoring

⏭️ What's coming next?

The main focus is on expanding our selection of available engines and increasing the performance even more. The goal is to have the average response time below 2 seconds consistently. We are happy that a significant part of Google searches are below 1 second already.

• Google Product Offers engine
• Google Product Reviews engine
• Google Product Specifications engine
• Google Maps engine
• Google Scholar engine
• Integration examples in multiple languages and libraries
• More performance improvements

We appreciate you choosing our services. We're working hard to make things better for you. If you need help or have questions, just let us know. We're always here. Thanks for your support.