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New updates and improvements to SearchApi

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September 2023 update

During the last month, we added 6 new engines, made significant improvements to the API response time, and made sure it is highly scalable.

🌟 Freshly Released Engines

✔️  Google Product Offers​
  ✔️ ​ Google Product Reviews​
  ✔️  Google Product Specifications​
  ✔️  Google Scholar​
  ✔️  Google Scholar Cite​
  ✔️  Google Scholar Profiles​

🔧 Engine Improvements

Introduced an `organic_results` type Answer Box field for desktop devices.

Google Play Store
Resolved an issue with the next_page_token. When searching for a specific application, the next_page_token will now reliably return the second page of Similar Products, eliminating previous errors.

Google Trends
Added the ability to select a custom date range.

🚀 Performance Improvements

  • Optimized all key database calls. (Thanks to NewRelic)
  • Refactored API usage tracking. This will allow us to add usage charts.
  • Identified a blocking operation in our API and made it async. Saved `~70ms` on API response time.
  • Performed load testing. We managed to solve all the application and infrastructure issues.
  • Experimented with Rust for HTML parsing. It allowed us to improve the parsing time by up to 10x. This is still very much WIP.

⏭️ What's coming next?

  •  Google Maps engine
  •  Amazon Search engine
  •  YouTube Transcripts engine 
  •  Integration examples in multiple languages and libraries 
  • Langchain integration (Python) 

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.