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June 2023 Update

We have completed another productive month with an emphasis on improving and broadening our Google Search Engine capabilities. Our team has added parsers for more than 100 distinct page blocks, reflecting our ongoing commitment to delivering unparalleled data quality and precision.

🆕 New Features Released

✔️ Released Google Trends engine
✔️ Released Google Trends Autocomplete engine
✔️ Released Google Locations API engine, which enables Google searches with high-precision coordinates across 195 supported countries.

Significant Google Engine Update

We've broadened our parsing scope in the Google engine to include the following fields:

Local Ads;
Shopping Ads;
Inline Videos;
Inline Shopping;
Inline Recipes;
Related Questions;
Local Results;
Top Stories;
• Knowledge Graph (with emphasis on Business, Shopping, and Jobs entities).

Additional Updates

In order to further enhance your experience, we have:

• Integrated Intercom live chat support to offer instant assistance.
• Automated embedding of the api_key in all documentation examples when you are signed in for ease of use.
• Resolved issues with product_highlights extraction in Google Play Store.

We thank you for choosing our services and we're committed to continuously improving and providing the best experience for you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.