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New updates and improvements to SearchApi

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March 2024: Update

Today, we're excited to share the latest improvements and give you a sneak peek into what’s coming next.

🌟 Freshly Released Engines:

Google Maps allows searching for businesses using latitude and longitude GPS coordinates. Collect addresses, ratings, phone numbers, and websites. Improve local SEO by tracking business listing positions, and gathering ad information.

The Google Patents API enables retrieval of patent information, including titles, abstracts, claims, and descriptions. This API is crucial for research, product development, and competitive analysis.

The Google Patents Details API offers detailed information on individual patents, such as publication and application dates, inventors, and assignees.

The YouTube Video API allows for searching videos, retrieving video details, and accessing titles, descriptions, and related videos. 

🔄 Early Renewal

We've introduced a new feature that automatically renews your plan if all plan searches are used. This ensures uninterrupted access to our APIs and services so you can continue your work without any issues. No need to wait until the end of your billing cycle – we've got you covered.

🔗 LangFlow Integration:

​LangFlow​ is a dynamic graph where each node is an executable unit. Its modular and interactive design fosters rapid experimentation and prototyping, pushing hard on the limits of creativity. We have added a custom component allowing you to call any engine we support. We are looking forward to adding more examples and tutorials about it in the future. 

🔧 Engine Improvements:

Google Trends API:

  • Completely refactored the engine. JSON keys were left unchanged. You can now enjoy stable and fast response times without any errors.
  • Fixed `now 7-d` parameter support.

Google Search API:

  • Improved parsing speed on mobile devices. There was a bug causing significantly higher response times compared to desktop.
  • Fixed ​About this result field.

Google News API:

  • Fixed top stories extraction.

Bing API:

  • Fixed an issue causing some requests to return an error status.

YouTube API:

  • Fixed an issue causing several requests to return error status.

YouTube Transcripts API:

Other improvements:

  • Fixed documentation anchor links. Parameters can now be selected as anchor links as well.
  • Improved sidebar navigation in documentation pages.

⏭️ What's coming next?

  • Google Maps Places API
  • Google Maps Reviews API
  • Google Maps Photos API
  • Google Finance API

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.