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January 2024: Update

Happy New Year! We're excited to start 2024 by improving your experience with SearchApi. This month, we've worked hard to improve our engines, especially Google. We believe these improvements will make your work easier and help you discover new things more efficiently.

🔧 Engine Improvements:


  • Added "Discussions and Forums". The element shows forums and their topic based on your query.
  • Implemented a new case of sitelinks - list - for organic results.
  • Added new element "From sources across the web" that shows sites that cover a specific topic in this grid list view.
  • Fixed local_ads and ads on mobile and desktop.
  • Fixed inline_images.
  • Fixed top_stories.
  • Added weather_results on mobile for up-to-date weather information.
  • Fixed the snippet in organic_results. Google started testing longer snippets, which might be related. 

Google News:

  • Fixed top_stories.

Google Shopping:

  • Fixed an issue when filters didn't return any text.
  • Added Google Shopping pagination.

Google Product:

  • Fixed an issue where typical_prices didn't return any results.

Google Lens:

  • New fields are being parsed - videos, related_searches, and exact_matches.

👨🏻‍💻 Product Changes

⏭️ What are we working on next?

  • Testing Bing API & Google Maps API that will be released this month.
  • Work in progress for API usage stats and search history features, initially for the admin side, with plans to extend to user accounts.
  • Even better API response time. We are in the process of optimizing our proxy pool. Thanks to the work done on the admin side. 
  • More integrations. 

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience. Got feedback or questions? Just hit reply.