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December 2023: Update

We're excited to bring you our latest updates for this month, including two new integrations, a major engine update, and an affiliate program.

🌟 New Engines

This is a single reason our update is late this month. We wanted to polish and release it before Christmas. 🎄 

Use the Amazon Product API to scrape product details, prices, delivery information, ratings, reviews, and more. It supports 22 Amazon domains and retrieves product information by ASIN.

We made sure to parse as much information as possible on the page and we think this is one the most comprehensive parsers on the market right now. We will still polish it during the week, so expect some minor changes. 

Customizing the delivery location country and zipcode is one of the key features we will be exploring at the start of 2024 and expanding the Amazon support further. 

Use the Google Autocomplete API to scrape real-time search autocomplete suggestions, their relevancy, popularity, and type. It supports nine different clients, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, each offering unique autocomplete results. Google Autocomplete API comes with a customizable cursor position, allowing different variations of suggestions.

đź’° Affiliate Program (30% revenue share)

Promote SearchApi and earn a 30% revenue share for every new customer you refer.

We partnered with Rewardful as our affiliate software. We thoroughly tested our system, so it correctly tracks all people registering on the platform, even through the Google and Github logins. Learn more about the program on the ​affiliate program page​.

After signing up you get immediate access to your personal affiliate link and promotion materials, which you can use to recommend the SearchApi. Building integrations, self-hosted tools, and writing or organizing webinars are just a few ways to get started. Head over to the ​affiliate page​ for more ideas.

🔧 Engine Improvements:


  • The new "Things to Do" block displays the most popular places to visit in the selected location.

Google Scholar

  • Improved snippets to return full text hidden under "show more" in DOI or full article title searches.

đź”— Integrations

  • ​​SerpBear​ - a simple, self-hostable, open-source SERP position tracking app. It allows you to track your website's keyword positions in Google and get notified of their positions.
  • ​Langchain​ (Python) - when integrating SearchApi into the Langflow, we noticed some issues, mainly with imports. This ​PR​ fixed the issues and has been released in ​the v0.0.346​ version.
  • ​HayStack​ - LLM orchestration framework to build customizable, production-ready LLM applications. With advanced retrieval methods, it's best suited for building RAG, question answering, semantic search, or conversational agent chatbots.

Other changes

  • Improved accessibility on the landing and documentation pages.
  • Improved loading speed for the documentation pages.
  • SEO improvements: markup & semantic tags.

⏭️ What are we working on next?

  • Development of Bing Search API and Google Maps API.
  • A status page to display our uptime and performance metrics.
  • Work in progress for API usage stats and search history features, initially for the admin side, with plans to extend to user accounts.
  • More integrations are underway. 

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.