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July 2024: Update

We’re happy to share last month’s technical achievements, featuring significant parsing speed improvements, a newly released engine, and a handful of minor fixes.

🚀 Parsing Speed Performance

We've drastically enhanced our parsing speed across multiple engines. For instance, parsing a Google search for "Ice cream" with `num=100` has been reduced from 2.29 seconds to 0.5 seconds, and an Amazon product search for ASIN "BOBTD62N4J" has decreased from 0.72 seconds to just 0.07 seconds. That's a whopping 10x improvement for Amazon and almost 5x for Google. 😍

🌟 ​Bing News API​

We're excited to release the ​Bing News API​, providing organic results, trending, and related topics. You can also search by categories like Sports, Local, or Science. It supports mobile, tablet, and desktop layouts. We made organic results JSON keys consistent with the Google News API engine.

🔧 Engine Improvements

Google Trends API

  • Added support for an empty `q` value while searching for Related Topics and Related Queries. Also for Timeseries while searching with category. This enables you to get overall trends in specific categories or regions.

Google Maps Photos API

  • Implemented support for the `place_id` request parameter. ​Here​ is an API example.

Google Search API

  • Fixed `courses` parser. In some cases, this field wasn't parsed correctly.
  • Added `did_you_mean` parser in `search_information`.
  • Improved `snippet` extraction for an edge case.
  • Fixed `shopping_ads` to return all the results.
  • Fixed `weather_results` for `device=mobile` parameter to return all the results.
  • Fixed `expanded_links` for `device=mobile` parameter.
  • Fixed Swiss number extraction.

Google Patents API

  • Fixed case when `frequency` wasn't parsed correctly.

Google Play Product API

  • Fixed case when `category` wasn't parsed correctly.

Baidu Search API

  • Fixed request timeouts for specific queries such as weather information.

Amazon Search API

  • Improved parsing performance by 50%, independent of the overall speed enhancements.


  • Improved rendering of images in HTML across different APIs.
  • Fixed API code example in Go language.

⏭️ What are we working on next?

  • Google Trends API. Getting back to a 100% success rate
  • Search History anonymization
  • Google Flights API
  • Google Hotels API
  • Open source integrations
  • Playground

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.