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May 2024: Update

Today, we're thrilled to update you on our last month's improvements: released 4 new engines and added a bunch of minor fixes.

🌟 Freshly Released Engines:

Our new Google Maps Reviews API lets you access reviews of a given place. You can sort reviews by search query, topic id, or your chosen sorting parameter. API returns detailed information about the place, relevant topics, and the reviews themselves, making it easier to gather targeted insights.

Similar to the Google Maps Reviews API, the YouTube Comments API allows you to retrieve comments and their replies from any specific video.

Another newly released engine - YouTube Trending API. It allows you to access the most trending videos, music, and films based on a selected location, ensuring you stay informed about the most popular content worldwide.

Introducing our latest release – the YouTube Channel API. While this API efficiently scrapes videos, shorts, and other content from YouTube channels, its standout feature is the "About" section. You can easily scrape channel links, description, subscribers count, total views, join date, account location and other key details.

🔧 Engine Improvements:

Google Search API:

  • Fixed ratings & reviews in the `inline_shopping` block.
  • Added new explore brands field to the JSON response.
  • Fixed `discussions_and_forums` extraction.
  • Fixed `is_live` & `is_video` extraction in `top_stories` (both mobile & desktop).

Google News API:

  • Fixed `organic_results` selectors which caused an empty first organic result in some cases.

Google Lens API:

  • Text Results - fixed an issue that caused errors with wrongly identified text results.

Google Shopping API:

  • Fixed the `prds` parameter; it is no longer necessary to include the `pid:` value inside `prds`.
  • Fixed `product_link` inside `organic_results`. Default `gl` is now `us` (previously it was `en`, which caused some links to not open correctly).
  • Fixed `link` in `organic_result`. Corrected an issue where some links from Google Shopping pages resulted in 404 errors due to improper parsing of URL query parameters. We've updated the logic to ensure URLs are correctly formatted and fully accessible.

Google Product Reviews API:

  • Fixed product rating, which sometimes wouldn't return a rating value.
  • Added a new request parameter, "rating," which allows filtering results based on the rating score.

Google Images API:

  • Fixed `tbs` parameter. Some filters, like `size` or `color` were not working due to this issue.
  • Improved documentation examples.

Google Finance API:

  • Fixed an issue in financials where data for specific quarters was not being returned.​
  • Fixed an issue where financials would show infinite values.

YouTube Search API:

  • Fixed an issue that affected `organic_results` result positioning. Autocorrect result block was sometimes identified as the first result. It caused `"position": 1` to be missing in some cases.

Amazon Search API:

  • Fixed GTIN search. Now products that have similar "GTIN" are not selected anymore.

Other improvements:

  • Improved performance of Search History and Search Analytics pages.

💥 Global Google Outage Impact

We experienced disruptions due to a recent global outage of Google Search and its related services. This led to some users encountering a 502 (Bad Gateway) error. The interruptions lasted approximately 20-30 minutes on May 1st and briefly for an additional 5-10 minutes on May 2nd. As a result, SearchApi API calls related to Google searches timed out during these periods causing 503 response code. Please be aware that such events are infrequent and beyond our control.

⏭️ What are we working next?

  • Team Accounts
  • Playground
  • Baidu Search API
  • Amazon Search API improvements
  • Google Hotels API
  • Google Flights API
  • Open source integrations

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.