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April 2024: Update

This month, we released a major addition to our Google Maps API suite: the Google Maps Place API. Alongside this, we added four additional engines, a new search analytics feature, and several engine improvements.

🌟 Freshly Released Engines:

Our new Google Maps Place API lets you access detailed information about specific locations, including names, addresses, ratings, reviews, admissions, nearby popular places, and more!

With the Photos API, it is easy to integrate high-quality images of places into your applications. This API provides access to millions of photos, helping you create more visually engaging user experiences.

This API offers insights into the top trending topics and queries on Google Trends, updated daily. It's perfect for keeping your content relevant and engaging.

Get real-time access to the hottest trends with Google Trends Trending Realtime API. This API provides instant updates on the latest trending topics and queries, allowing you to react quickly to emerging trends and capture your audience's attention.

Access real-time price changes, historical data, quarterly and annual company financials, exchange rates for major world currencies, top news, and key events impacting price movement.

🔎 Search Analytics Page (Scale Plan and above)

We've launched a new search analytics feature that provides insights into the performance of search engines over time. It allows tracking and analyzing key metrics such as average response speed, total number of searches, success rate, and error rate. The data is visualized through interactive charts, displaying daily search volumes and breaking down performance for average speed and success rate every hour. This feature is available for Scale plans and higher.

🔧 Engine Improvements:

Google Search API:

  • Added a new parsing field - Questions and Answers.
  • Added a new parsing field - Events.
  • Fixed an issue where inline_images were not parsed correctly.

Bing Search API:

  • Fixed a Bing API request issue that caused timeouts.

Google Maps API:

  • Removed the ll request parameter from the list of required parameters.

Amazon Product API:

  • Fixed an issue where the specifications_list was not parsed correctly.

Google Finance API:

  • Fixed an issue where the graph results displayed default results for 1 month (1M) instead of 1 day (1D).

Google Images API:

  • Now returns full image titles instead of shortened ones.

Other improvements:

  • Added enterprise plans.
  • Sped up the Search History page by adding missing database indexes.
  • Added "Time Taken" column in Search History.

⏭️ What's coming next?

  • Google Maps Reviews API
  • YouTube Reviews API
  • YouTube Channel API
  • YouTube Trending API
  • Playground
  • Organisational features

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.