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New updates and improvements to SearchApi

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February 2024: Update

This month, we’ve rolled out several updates that we think you’ll find valuable: a new integration, significant engine and performance improvements, and a fresh search history feature.

🌟 ​Bing Search Engine​

We're excited to release Bing Search API offering organic results, ads, local results, related questions, and related searches. Similarly to Google, it supports precise location-based targeting using our ​Locations API. If that's not enough, you can also use latitude and longitude coordinates for coordinate-level precision. 

To ease integration, JSON keys align closely with those of the Google Search API. Perfect for building tools across different search engines.

🚀 Major Performance Upgrade

We've optimized our API, focusing on speed and stability. Key steps included revamping our proxy network on January 4th and boosting server capacity while fine-tuning our proxy network on a per-engine basis on January 12th, thanks to December’s backend efforts on the admin side.

As a result, SearchApi average response time is already less than 3 seconds. We anticipate improving it further to bring it below the 2-second threshold.

🔎 Search History Page

A new feature to review recent searches with the ability to filter by the search engine. We hope it will be really useful in debugging automated queries.

🔧 Engine Improvements:

Google Search API:

  • Added a new major parsing field: Sports Results. This includes three different types of sports results: 
    • Athlete Stats: This type can be triggered when searching for player statistics.
    • Team Sports: This type can be triggered when looking for games in basketball, football, or other team sports.
    • Single Sports: This type can be triggered when searching for golf, F1, tennis, or other individual sports games.

Google Shopping API:

  • Fixed product link and added `prds` value when there is no `product_id`.
  • Fixed documentation num parameter, as Google Shopping does not support the num=10 parameter and returns 60 results instead.

Google Product API:

  • Fixed an issue where the selected Product didn't return the main image of it.

Google Scholar API:

  • Fixed issues setting `num=20`.

Google Lens API:

  • Added mobile support as Google Lens returns larger images on it.
  • Added exact price and currency to visual_matches.
  • Added price, and stock information to exact_matches. Fixed source.
  • Fixed HTML. Now HTML shows an image, which was searched for as well.
  • Added ​country​ parameter. It allows making searches in a specific country to influence shopping results and the accuracy of place identification. 

Google News API:

  • Fixed top stories extraction.

Google Trends API:

  • Google Trends API is fully functional again.

Youtube Transcripts API:

  • API now returns all available languages even if the transcripts are not available for selected languages. Check ​documentation for an API example.

Amazon Product API:

  • Added bundle items & bundle carousel.
  • Improved variants extraction.
  • Improved buybox extraction.
  • Improved compare_with_similar table parsing.

🔗 New Integrations:

  • ​search_with_lepton​ - A dynamic, LLM-supported conversational search tool with an intuitive interface and shareable, cached results for efficient information retrieval.

Other improvements:

  • Transitioned to Stripe Embedded Checkout.
  • Upgraded to Ruby 3.3 in our production environment.

⏭️ What are we working on next?

  • Google Maps API
  • YouTube Channel API
  • Amazon Reviews API
  • Consider a CORS policy update for easier API experimentation.

Stay tuned for more updates! As always, we're committed to providing you with the best experience.